Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to have a patient card to enter a dispensary in Oklahoma?

A: Our location has CBD only products which are available for sale to individuals over age 18. Non-cardholders may enter and ask questions about the CBD products ONLY. Patients with minor children may bring their children into the dispensary if adult supervision is not available outside of the dispensary, however, drive-thru would be a better option.

Q: Do I have to have a patient card to purchase medical marijuana in Oklahoma?

A: A medical marijuana identification card and another form of identification should be presented any time you purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary or have marijuana taken to a processor to be concentrated. Law enforcement may also require your identification card to prove you are licensed to legally use and possess medical marijuana. OMMA FAQ Website

Q: Can I purchase medical marijuana if I live out of state?

A: Out of state patients must first apply for a Temporary Adult or Minor Patient License with the OMMA. The OMMA charges $100.00 + $4.30 processing fee. OMMA Temporary Patient Application Information Website